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2015-03-27. Friday. 00:00 (MSK). Airdigital - Trancefan Radioshow #189. 2015-03-29. Sunday. 19:00 (MSK). ToShuk - Therapy Weeks 053.


Alex NEGNIY Airdigital dj INSIDE Sndsky Independence Day Belaha ToShuk DJ VITrancer V!C Bakht


Cj Mover Cj Mover
Progressive Trance
Vladimir Dira Vladimir Dira
Uplifting Trance
uplifting trance,progressive trance,psy trance
Vladimir Phosphor Vladimir Phosphor
Uplifting Trance
Belaha Belaha
Progressive Trance
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Radio trance TranceFan broadcasts its esters trance. Trance music - this club music demanded millions of people. Program of our DJs can listen online, and download them for free (no registration). Our DJs, are the best electronic music (news and classic), each broadcast is a new composition of the global stars, as well as simply by talented musicians.

Radio Trancefan You can hear a variety of styles and trends of this musical genre. Our radio station allows you to get acquainted with the new and modern works of Russian and international DJs, as well as easy to create a good background for the soul of light and rhythmic music, melodies that elevate mood and make you think, are pushing to move or gone to a mental journey.

An important feature of our radio - it's the sound quality. We broadcast Trance music with a fairly high bit rate - 192 kbs, so you can fully enjoy the sound of the most subtle nuances of melodic and rhythmic passages that play in modern trance music, not the last role.

To listen to the radio «Trancefan» there are several possibilities. You can use the player on the site, or a popular local players such as: Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc. Broadcasting radio «Trancefan» is conducted continuously, non-stop, and each following composition reveals a new facet of the diverse world of electronic music. And that's why in the near future we can expect new musical discoveries - original radio show and programs of the leading and talented DJs.

Site, through which the broadcast is a comprehensive information portal, where you can find news from the world of electronic music, information on various styles and genres, famous artists and DJs from around the world. And so the music organically supplemented by information, which makes it possible to better understand the meaning of its diverse sound.
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Audio streams: 96 kbs, 128 kbs, 192 kbs


dj value-Falling In Trance # Independence Day-Straße der Freiheit #8 DJ Denori-Trance of System #076 DJ Slaider-Night Express Show #(The Best of March 2015) ToShuk-Therapy Weeks 053 Cj Mover-DANCEOLOGY # 109 Airdigital-Trancefan Radioshow #189 - - -


195 My Trance Day #033
by Inside
Inside - My Trance Day #033
88 Progressive Trance: Trancefan Radioshow #161
by Airdigital
Airdigital - Progressive Trance: Trancefan Radioshow #161
70 Hard and Love [Professional Harmony] #377 (Wanderhard Mix)
by Greidor Allmaster
Greidor Allmaster - Hard and Love [Professional Harmony] #377 (Wanderhard Mix)
59 Global Action #216
by Maxrow
Maxrow - Global Action #216
58 Hard and Love [Professional Harmony] #380 (Session Mix)
by Greidor Allmaster
Greidor Allmaster - Hard and Love [Professional Harmony] #380 (Session Mix)
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